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David Moore - Meet the Author

A textbook author is usually someone who knows a lot about the topic and really wants to share it with others. David Moore knows a lot about reading, from personal experience and from a lifelong education. He is passionate about helping others learn how to read for real.

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(read for real)  

Welcome to the online companion to the Good Reader’s Guide! Here, you’ll find tons of resources, tips, and samples to consult as you read, along with reading inspiration so you can read for real!

resources great reads vocabulary
  • Surveys that provide insight into your reading habits
  • Graphic organizers to help you understand what you read
  • TalkTips featuring great suggestions from other students
  • Links to multiple reading and reference sites
  • Recommended readings on a variety of interesting themes
  • News stories where you can read what’s happening today
  • Word maps of academic vocabulary
  • Commonly used idioms that make language colorful
  • Interesting examples of jargon
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